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A few months into the pandemic lockdown I received an inquiry regarding the production of a series of short videos focused on meditation for Shoppers Drug Mart. This would be used as a support tool on their website to help reduce stress and anxiety.


Shoppers Drug Mart




Retail Pharmacy

Type of Work

Art Direction

Video Production

Video Editing

Audio Editing

Motion Graphics

Digital Design


The objective was to film many of the videos in-house but tight timelines and covid restrictions ultimately required the use of stock footage.

I produced four versions of each video as voice over tracks were required in English and French for Shoppers Drug Mart and Pharmaprix. The hardcoded subtitles were manually transcribed to ensure accurate timing and spelling in each language.

Headers, thumbnails and badges were designed to be used throughout the English and French Shoppers Drug Mart and Pharmaprix websites.

Upon receiving final approval, all versions of the video segments and supporting design files were uploaded via a secure FTP site.